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If you’re getting a divorce in Rochester, New York, you’ll want to hire a divorce attorney. The right one will have extensive knowledge and experience handling divorce cases. Consider hiring a Rochester divorce lawyer that offers free consultations and affordable legal services. Your lawyer should be able to answer all your questions and explain all aspects of the divorce.

Julie V. Mersereau

A Rochester divorce attorney, Julie Mersereau has extensive experience with divorce mediation and collaborative law. She takes the time to listen to her clients and help them understand the different options that are available to them. Julie Mersereau has helped hundreds of clients and handles each case personally.

Julie Mersereau has more than 20 years of experience in the practice of family law. Her practice focuses on collaborative law, divorce mediation, and adoption law. She also offers special education mediation and elder care mediation. Her goal is to help you reach the best possible resolution for your situation.

Mark Bezique

Mr. Bezinque helps his clients simplify the divorce process by helping them identify priorities and explore their concerns. He explains the process in a manner that makes it easy to understand. His experience helps him provide sound legal advice and counsel to his clients. He also understands the emotions involved in the divorce process and provides solutions that address clients’ concerns.

He is a zealous advocate for his clients in the courtroom and is skilled at maneuvering through the legal system to achieve results quickly. He has extensive experience before the Monroe County Support Magistrates, Appellate Division, and Supreme Court. He is also a frequent speaker on the topic of collaborative law and is a founder of the Collaborative Law Association of Rochester.

Leah Schmitt

Leah Schmitt, a divorce attorney in Rochester, NY, provides comprehensive legal services to clients who are facing divorce. With over a decade of legal experience, she understands the nuances of New York law and how it can affect a client’s interests. Clients can rely on her to provide personal service and quality legal care.

A divorce or child custody battle can seem like the world is collapsing around you. This type of legal issue can lead to emotional turmoil and strain a relationship. Having an experienced Rochester divorce attorney can help you take back control of your life.

Michael Schmitt

Experience is important when seeking legal counsel. A skilled Rochester attorney has over a decade of experience practicing law and understands how New York laws can affect your rights and interests. He provides personalized service and a strong commitment to quality legal care. He has represented hundreds of clients and has a proven record of success.

Michael Schmitt, a divorce attorney in Rochester and surrounding areas, is a seasoned lawyer who helps clients resolve their legal issues. He is dedicated to understanding the needs of his clients and is well-versed in family law and personal injury. He is also adept at handling domestic violence and child custody cases.

Collaborative law

As a collaborative law and divorce attorney in Rochester, NY, I work with my clients to help them create lasting resolutions to their family disputes. I am a member of the Collaborative Law Association of the Rochester Area and am highly skilled at negotiating on behalf of my clients. As a collaborative law attorney, I can offer you several benefits that you can’t get in a traditional divorce.

The goal of a collaborative law process is to save your family the stress and cost of a traditional courtroom battle. Unlike a traditional divorce, collaborative law allows you to negotiate a settlement in a private setting without the presence of a judge. Unlike the traditional courtroom, this approach is non-adversarial and focuses on building respect and trust between the clients.


Divorce can be a complex emotional experience with a variety of consequences, and it is crucial to hire a divorce attorney with extensive experience in the Rochester area. A knowledgeable attorney at Marino Law Group, PLLC can provide insight and guidance to clients throughout the divorce process. If your divorce is contested, you may want an attorney who has experience in negotiating settlements. This is especially important in high net worth divorces. Many divorcing couples have complex investments and high-end real estate, and this makes hiring an attorney that much more important.

An experienced Rochester divorce attorney can help you protect your rights and negotiate a favorable settlement. In addition to negotiating a favorable settlement, an experienced attorney can help you protect your assets and minimize the amount of property that you will split with your spouse. An experienced attorney can also help you gather the necessary evidence to prove your case.


Divorce is a difficult time in a person’s life. It can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health, and it can disrupt your long-term plans. Getting legal assistance during this time will allow you to protect your interests, especially those of your children. An experienced Rochester, NY divorce attorney will help you navigate the process and reach the best possible settlement.

Rochester, NY divorce attorneys charge approximately $175 to $325 per hour. The total cost of a contested divorce in Rochester, NY can reach $50,000 or more. This cost includes court fees of about $335.

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