When it comes to choosing an Ace Attorney doujin, there are several things that you should consider before purchasing the game. These include the Artwork, Characters, and Price. It’s important to know that the game has a gender-neutral sex dynamic. You may feel that a sexy character would be inappropriate for your daughter to play, but that’s not necessarily the case.

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The characters of Ace Attorney Doujin have varied backgrounds. Some of them have come from real life, while others are fictional. The first two games feature protagonists, who are the main characters in the series. The characters of Ace Attorney Investigations are also featured in the series. There are a total of eight playable characters, each with different personalities and strengths.

Among the main characters are Ryunosuke Naruhodo, an ancestor of Phoenix Wright, and Susato Kageyama, a second-year student at Imperial Yumei University who becomes an official defense attorney. The two games also feature an unofficial detective, Herlock Sholmes, who cares for Ryunosuke’s roommate Iris Wilson. Both Ryunosuke and Susato often rely on Herlock, who aids in honing their deductive skills.

Another main character in the Ace Attorney series is Hotti, who is a transgender attorney. She is the younger sister of Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye. Her dream job is to become a scientific investigator. However, after being rejected for her dream job, she approaches Phoenix’s office in hopes of becoming the defense attorney for Lana. Phoenix, however, did not take her at first, because of her resemblance to Maya. In addition to that, her surname, Hozuki, means treasured moon.

While many of the characters in Ace Attorney Doujin are fictional, there are a few real-life characters that you should know. The main antagonist, Ga’ran Sigatar Khura’in, is the Queen of the Kingdom of Khura’in. Her role as Queen is to influence the other characters in the series. Her role in the series inspired Phoenix Wright to become an attorney.


The Artwork of Ace Attorney Doujin is an art book published by Udon Entertainment. This art book contains artwork for both the original and spin-off games of the Ace Attorney series. These books feature character sketches, full-body illustrations, and splash art pages. The characters are well-designed and include fun expressions.


The price of Ace Attorney Doujin depends on the platform you choose. The game is free for mobile devices, but $30 for other platforms. It comes with 10 puzzle cases, dozens of hours of fun, and exclusive new pieces and arrangements. The game is not yet localized, but it’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of the series.

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