Splash Mountain, a beloved log flume ride at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, has found itself at the center of a legal dispute between Disney and the state of Florida. The controversy stems from Disney’s plans to retheme the ride to align with its Princess and the Frog franchise, replacing the original Song of the South-inspired storyline.

The Backdrop: A Ride Steeped in Controversy

Splash Mountain, opened in 1989, is based on the 1946 Disney film Song of the South, a controversial film criticized for its romanticized portrayal of the antebellum South and its perpetuation of racial stereotypes. Disney has long distanced itself from the film, removing it from circulation and omitting it from its streaming service.

Disney’s Rethemeing Plans and the Ensuing Legal Battle

In 2020, Disney announced plans to retheme Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, an immersive experience inspired by Princess and the Frog. The rethemeing was seen as a positive step towards aligning the ride with Disney’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

However, the rethemeing plans faced opposition from the state of Florida. In 2023, the Florida government filed a lawsuit against Disney, seeking to prevent the rethemeing and designate Splash Mountain as a historical landmark. The lawsuit argues that the ride holds cultural and historical significance, representing a significant era in Disney’s history.

The Legal Arguments and the Road Ahead

Disney has countered the lawsuit, arguing that the state lacks the authority to interfere with its creative decisions and that the ride’s historical significance does not outweigh the need to align it with modern values.

The legal battle is ongoing, and the outcome remains uncertain. The case raises complex questions about the balance between corporate autonomy and cultural preservation.

Conclusion: A Splash of Uncertainty

The Splash Mountain lawsuit highlights the challenges faced by Disney as it navigates the delicate balance between preserving its legacy and adapting to a changing cultural landscape. The outcome of the case will undoubtedly have implications for the future of Splash Mountain and other Disney attractions that may face similar considerations.


What is the specific reason for the lawsuit against Disney?

The state of Florida argues that Splash Mountain holds cultural and historical significance and should be preserved as a historical landmark. Disney contends that it has the right to retheme the ride based on its creative vision and commitment to diversity.

What are the potential implications of the lawsuit?

If the state prevails, Disney may be forced to keep Splash Mountain as is or seek alternative rethemeing options that align with the ride’s historical designation. A Disney victory could set a precedent for the company’s autonomy in retheming its attractions.

What is the timeline for the lawsuit?

The lawsuit is currently in the early stages, and a trial date has not yet been set. The outcome could take months or even years to resolve.

What are the potential impacts on Disney’s reputation?

The lawsuit could potentially damage Disney’s reputation, particularly among those who view the company as sensitive to cultural concerns. A negative outcome could also lead to calls for changes to other Disney attractions that may be considered insensitive or outdated.

What is Disney’s position on the lawsuit?

Disney has expressed disappointment with the lawsuit and reiterated its commitment to retheming Splash Mountain to align with its Princess and the Frog franchise. The company is confident in its legal position and expects to prevail in court.

What is the future of Splash Mountain?

The future of Splash Mountain remains uncertain until the lawsuit is resolved. If Disney prevails, the rethemeing to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is expected to proceed. If the state wins, Splash Mountain will likely remain as is or undergo a rethemeing that aligns with its historical designation.

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