Running For Santa Cruz County District Attorney

Interested in running for Santa Cruz County District Attorney? Read this article to learn about Christine McGuire, Jeff Rosell, and Steve Muni. You can also get to know Bob Lee, who previously served as a Santa Cruz County District Attorney. Read on to learn about their qualifications, their past work, and their philosophy for a successful career in public service.

Jeff Rosell is a Santa Cruz county district attorney

Jeff Rosell has been a prosecutor for more than 25 years and has been with the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office since 1994. His legal experience includes prosecution in high-profile jury trials, murders, child molestation, adult sexual assaults, and gang crimes. He has also served as a chief deputy for trial operations in Santa Cruz County.

He has implemented innovative programs that have improved the lives of the residents of Santa Cruz. One of these programs is the Bob Lee Community Partnership for Accountability, which aims to reduce repeat offenses by treating offenders and holding them accountable. Other programs under his leadership include Veterans Court and Behavioral Health Court. In addition, he has maintained excellent working relationships with all local law enforcement agencies.

Rosell recently announced the launch of a new program that helps veterans who are facing criminal charges. The program is a collaborative effort with local law enforcement agencies and local volunteers. The goal is to provide resources and mentorship to veterans facing criminal charges.

Christine McGuire is a Santa Cruz county district attorney

Christine McGuire is a 30-year former prosecutor who has been in private practice for 10 years. She graduated from Southwestern Law School in 1977 and was admitted to the State Bar. She also holds an LLM in Intellectual Property from Santa Clara University School of Law. After graduation, she began her prosecutorial career, litigating misdemeanor and felony cases in Northern California. In 1986, she was recruited to the Santa Cruz County district attorney’s office, where she served for 24 years.

While McGuire has a limited public profile, she does have extensive experience prosecuting sex crimes. She serves on the County Domestic Violence Commission and is active in Women Lawyers of Santa Cruz County. Aside from her public career, McGuire is also an author and has published six books, five of which are pulp crime novels.

While she is giving up her career as a lawyer to run for office, McGuire has a wide range of policy positions. She supports full pay parity for county employees and is a strong advocate of protecting prime agricultural land. She hasn’t taken a position on the Watsonville annexation, which would require a referendum, but she supports the current logging rules.

Steve Muni is a Santa Cruz county district attorney

Steve Muni is the first openly gay DA in Santa Cruz County. He is a former Santa Cruz County assistant district attorney and has extensive trial experience. He has also served as an adjunct professor at the McGeorge School of Law. He is a member of the National Association of Attorneys General’s Training and Research Institute and has taught various courses for various law enforcement agencies. Muni is also a member of the California State Bar’s Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination and has served on the board of directors of the Sacramento-area LGBTQ Bar Association.

Muni has been the district attorney in Santa Cruz County for 10 years and was previously in private practice for eight years before moving to Amador County. He received his degree in international law from the University of London. Muni’s wife, Christine McGuire, is a senior trial attorney and a veteran prosecutor. The couple has written five books together. One is a novel called “Perfect Victim,” a true story about Colleen Stan.

Bob Lee is a former Santa Cruz county district attorney

Bob Lee is a former Santa Cruz County District Attorney who has been involved in the investigation into the Santa Cruz Eleven. His new community partnership will improve the quality of life for chronic offenders in Santa Cruz. The partnership began with the district attorney’s office and has now expanded to include probation, mental health, and social services.

Lee is a Santa Cruz native and has never lost a case in his career. He was a successful trial attorney and mentored younger prosecutors. He also helped create specialized units within the DA’s office. His work included prosecuting gang members, sex offenders, domestic violence abusers, and elder abusers. He also loved working with environmental and consumer protection cases.

Lee, who has been practicing law for more than a decade, has not ruled out running for the office. His chief deputy is Jon Hopkins, and he has not ruled himself out. Another candidate, former DA Peter Chang, has not ruled himself out of the race but has yet to make a strong case.

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