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Commonwealth Attorney of Wythe County has the following contact details: address, zip code, state, and phone number. To contact them, call the number listed above or fill out the form on their website. You can also view reviews of their services and read what other people have to say about them.

Curtis Spurlock

Curtis Spurlock, the Wythe County Commonwealth attorney, was recently found guilty of ten counts of sexual crimes against two underage children. If convicted on all counts, Spurlock could face life in prison. However, only six of the ten charges carry mandatory life sentences.

Despite the high number of crimes, crime statistics in Wythe County are relatively low, with only 3,573 arrests and 774 inmates per 100,000 people. The office also has a public criminal background check program. This service allows the public to perform a free criminal background check on anyone who lives in Wythe County.

Christopher Wheeler

Christopher Wheeler, the Wythe County Commonwealth attorney, is facing a sentencing hearing on Oct. 21. He was found guilty last August of killing a deputy in Wythe County. In the 1994 incident, Wheeler shot deputy Cliff Dicker twice, killing him. Wheeler was on parole at the time and was arrested in Oklahoma. A judge set Wheeler’s bond at $150,000.

Wheeler pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and the use of a firearm during a felony, but prosecutors initially sought capital murder charges, which carry a death sentence. The commonwealth’s office has said it hopes to change the law to allow capital murder cases. However, the court ruled Wheeler’s confession in juvenile court was inadmissible, and prosecutors have decided to try Wheeler as an adult.

Christopher Wheeler’s father

Christopher Shawn Wheeler sat impassively in the Wythe County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court on Tuesday. The judge listened to testimony from Wheeler’s psychologists as they explained what went wrong in Wheeler’s life. Judge William Thomas then ruled that Wheeler should be tried as an adult in Circuit Court. He was accused of murdering Wythe County Deputy Cliff Dicker, who was shot and killed by Wheeler while he was serving papers.

Christopher Wheeler’s conviction

Christopher Wheeler is set to be released on parole in August 2021 after serving 43 years in prison for the shooting of a Wythe County deputy in 1994. Wheeler was only 15 years old when he fired one shot and then took the deputy’s gun. As the case moved from Juvenile Court to Circuit Court, the prosecution tried to raise the charge to capital murder. Circuit Judge Colin Campbell declined to hear the higher charge.

Christopher Wheeler’s conviction by a Wythe County commonwealth attorney comes just three months after he was indicted on felony charges for attempted child abduction. The felony charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. A recent crime survey shows that crime has increased in Wythe County, with over 220 complaints filed in 2019.

Christopher Wheeler’s address

A Wythe County man pleaded guilty to 11 charges, including multiple sex crimes, against a child. The charges include rape, sodomy, and aggravated sexual battery. He was released from prison in August but was arrested in Oklahoma over the weekend.

A neighbor contacted police and recognized Wheeler’s address as the one where Dicker was last seen. The deputies were able to find Dicker inside the home, but he died immediately. Wheeler was also arrested at the scene. The Virginia State Police are now handling the investigation.

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